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Python 0 Workshop

  • UF Informatics Institute (map)

This workshop will walk you through the essentials of programming in the Python language, with an emphasis on data analysis. This workshop is beginner friendly, and all skill levels are encouraged to attend. Please bring a laptop. RSVP through our Facebook event.

To prepare for the upcoming workshop, please follow the steps below to download the programs and we’ll teach you the rest!

Download and install Anaconda Python distribution for PYTHON 2. WE ARE USING PYTHON 2, NOT PYTHON 3. (this includes Jupyter, a Python interpreter that will allow you to run iPython notebooks)

Use this link:

Download the iPython notebooks and files from GitHub. Just click “clone or download" in the top right-hand corner, and select "download zip"

Use this link:

Open up the Anaconda launcher, the Jupyter page will open in a web browser, and navigate to the location of the downloaded files. Through the Jupyter webpage, you will be able to run the iPython inotebook.

The workshop that we will be using is UF DSI Python 0 - 10_26_16 - Student.ipynb.