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Software Carpentry Workshop

The UF Carpentries Club, Informatics Institute, Biodiversity Institute, and Marston Science Library are combining to offer a two day Software Carpentry Workshop, Monday-Tuesday, January 22-23, 2018, to help the UF community get started learning R and common software development tools such as the Unix shell, SQL, and Git. Need to learn some programming for a class? Have data you’re scared to work with in Excel? Want to collaborate effectively with your peers? We were there once too. Come start learning with us.

There will be a two day workshop on Monday and Tuesday, January 22.23, 2018, hosted at the offices of Informatics Institute and Biodiversity Institute in the CSE Building.

For the schedule and more details about the workshop, visit

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For further information, contact Matthew Collins, Technical Operations Manager, Advanced Computing and Information Systems Lab, ECE, at

January 22-23, 2018

9:00 AM to 4:30 PM Each Day

UF Informatics Institute & Biodiversity Institute

Room E251 CSE Building

432 Newell Drive

Gainesville, FL 32611

Seating is limited. Register now!